Sunday, September 26, 2010

Progressing Along!

The Shop is progressing right along!! We have been BUSY, BUSY!! Friday we went to St. Louis to pick up some supplies and fixtures for the shop. Of course, the shelves for our paper were longer than my trunk, so the guys had to do some arranging to get them all in.
But they got it done!! I had faith they would! LOL!
Tiffany and I wanted to check out some Scrap Stores while in St. Louis. This one called Red Lead was AWESOME looking, but unfortunately they were "Out for 10 minutes", and we got tired of waiting. Dave snapped this pic for us!! Can you see the DROOL? LOL!
 Yesterday was a MASSIVE cleaning day! I was DETERMINED to get the shop all cleaned and ready for products yesterday! WOOHOO!! Mission accomplished! Tiff has some painting to work on tomorrow, but for the most part the DEEP CLEAN is complete!!
 The guys got on the roof to check out the pole for our sign which we will be getting!
The front of our Shop! Isn't it PRETTY?
Here is the wall that Tiff painted with the trim around the bigger window area.
The Crop Room Progress:
The cabinets were in the store area and I wanted them in the crop room so we could use them for storage and also house our TOOL area!
Two sinks in a 12' space? NOT ANYMORE!!

Gotta LOVE a MAN with "Scrub the Floor HANDS"!! LOL!
AND Tiffany's BEST PART OF THE DAY was hanging our NEON OPEN Sign! 

Well, that's all the news for now! Today, is staying at home and catching up with things here. This week is CRUNCH week as the store will be open next Saturday! I will try my best to keep you updated this week. Thanks for stopping by and checking out our progress!!


  1. It looks like you're coming right along Kim!
    - April

  2. Awesome Kim....I am soooo excited for you!

  3. looking great! can't wait to see the finished project.

  4. Outstanding..........and HOW exciting, I have said for years that what this side of the lake needs is a great scrapbooking store!


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