Wednesday, September 22, 2010


WOOHOO!! I am SO EXCITED!! My dream to open a scrapbook store is FINALLY coming TRUE! (THANKS to my VERY AWESOME Hubby!) I have been a scrapper for a little over 13 years, and most of those have been scrapping on a TIGHT budget! So, my TOP PRIORITY with the store will be to have things VERY REASONABLY priced, so that EVERYONE can preserve their memories for future generations!

The last week has been a WHIRLWIND of activity! We decided to do this after a recent trip to Michael's. My Hubby has been wanting to become a businessman and open "Our OWN" something. LOL! We thought about a Dry-Cleaners, and then a Screen printing shop. SO, when he was following me around Michael's while I was DROOLING over all the "pretties", I said "If you want to open a business, it should be a Scrap Store!". So the wheels started turning and here we are busy trying to get the store up and running by October 2nd, which is the HUGE Apple Festival here is Versailles.

We have named our Business "Memories 2 Embellish, LLC", we are located at 117 W. Jasper. The store is just right off the square, 2 doors down from Emme's Attic and across from The Versailles Leader Statesman. We have rented the building and are busy trying to get it ready.

The building was used for a restaurant. Here are some pics of what we have accomplished so far:

This is the main room, which will be the store. The guys opened up the window.

That's my Son-In-Law, Dave.

This is the old kitchen area, which will be the CROP ROOM!

My Hubby, Sammy and Dave contemplating something!

The WALL is gone!!
The start of the pegboard on the walls in the store.
More Pegboard, on the right side of the store!
Pegboard and the wall between the store and crop room.

New boards on the wall, ready for paint!
Wall all primed and ready for the paint.
Pretty BLUE paint to spruce up the place!

We will be sharing more pics and news of what's going on! Please become a follower and follow us along on our GRAND Adventure! And, I also want to say a HUGE THANKS to Tiffany, (Cinderella) who has been doing LOTS and LOTS of HARD LABOR while I stayed at home with a Sinus Infection!! Love ya', Girlie!! YOU BE THE GRAVY ON THE MASHED TATERS OF LIFE!! LMAO!!


  1. OMG KIM!!!! How AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations sweetie!! I wish you lots of success!!!

  2. WOW Kim, this is amazing! I am sooooo happy for you my friend. :)
    - April

  3. What awesome news Kim. Congratulations and I wish you the best of luck!!!

  4. That is sooo great Kim!! Best of luck ;)

  5. That is so great!!! Congrats on your new venture!!!

  6. OMG! how figgin' awesome! looks like it is going to be a fabulous shop. wish i were closer so i could make you sick of seeing my

    can't wait to see it all finished and open for biz...may it always be successful!!!!


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